Two birds and one stone

While nobody should ever throw anything at animals, metaphorically speaking it’s a good idea!

A client recently came to us with two separate problems:

  1. They want provide their team member with an attractive salary proposition
  2. They want to expose their brand to more potential members

As part of the team members role they are visiting clients in a BDM capacity. They are using their own vehicle and their own fuel currently.

A company vehicle looked very attractive to this member as their car is old and maintenance was costing a fortune.

Branding the vehicle was the obvious option, but how do you maximise this piece of prime real estate?

Simple….. When it’s not being used during daytime hours it is parked in high-traffic areas surrounding the studio.

What you now have is a piece of out of home (OOH) media that can be used as an awareness piece to drive new members.

You are now exposing your brand to the public and your team member can hang up the keys on the 95’ Toyota Carolla.

A win-win or 2 birds and one stone!

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