Have you ever seen a monkey get paid in peanuts?

Me either, so where did the saying come from?

Here’s another question for you: Define quality?……. I’ll give you a hint, it’s like beauty!

It’s subjective, based on opinion and is in the eye of the beholder.

Kind of like someone’s trash is another’s treasure right?

So where am I going with this, well I’ll tell you!

In the last couple of months our social feeds have been inundated with offers for free this, discount that and other offers designed to entice traffic.

When things are cheap, consumers struggle to see value. We no longer have watches and TV’s repaired, we dispose of them and upgrade. It’s how we have been conditioned!

Subconsciously when we see things that are cheap, we see them as short term and disposable.

So how is this affecting your business?

Go back and have a look at recent campaigns that used a cheap hook. The test of success is not how many people took up the offer, rather, how many people transitioned to full-paying, long term clients?

So while monkeys may or may not be getting paid in peanuts, we can safely say some business owners are.

Your value is derived from the benefit you provide to customers, believe in you, believe in your brand and watch your value rise.