Is it worth growing my business again?

For those of you who weren’t affected by changes in our economy, congratulations!

For those of you that were, you are now left with a decision. Do you put in the effort to get it back to where it was previously?

If you are feeling deflated and beaten you are not alone. Working hard, investing time and resources only to have the rug pulled out is not a good feeling.

Think about two alternatives. Firstly, you throw it in, go back to the 9-5 and most likely end up asking yourself how you got there. Secondly, you roll up your sleeves, lace up your comfy kicks and tackle the problem head-on.

Here is why the second option is easier!

When you started your business the first time around you made quite a few assumptions. What your customer would look like, where they would come from and how they would react. This time around you already know these answers.

Rather than being one size fits all, create a model, a brand and an environment you know your customers will love.

Meet your target market with something fresh, innovative and get them talking!

We are seeing a society that strives for individual experiences, a place they go to and it becomes part of their daily story, it defines who they are.

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