Let’s assume a new business project has come your way.


It looks promising, but it would change the way you operate.

To take on this project you may need more people, more machinery and therefore more money!

Your business is currently stable and the last thing you want to do is have a guess. We all know what they say about assumptions!

A large organisation would have a CFO dedicated to this task. They would plan, map and measure the project. Firstly making sure it is feasible and then ensuring it stays on budget.

I get it, you’re not a large organisation, so what about you?

At GCT we offer a Virtual CFO service overseeing the financial aspect of any project. We create the plan, lay down the budget and ensure the strategy is adhered to.

We attend the meetings and roll up our sleeves when required. Because we are hired on a project basis we offer the service for a fraction of the price of a conventional CFO

If you have the drive, the dedication and the plan, but lack the financial acumen a virtual CFO could be exactly what you need.