If your business is a reflection of you, what does your reflection say?

I once worked for one one of the largest organisations in the world within its industry.

The owner coming to town would instill fear in upper management.

My direct boss left her kids in another state, while she lived out of a suitcase during the week.

On one occasion she was summoned to have lunch with the business owner. They’d spent time preparing documents and a presentation to wow him.

On the day the lunch was to occur she walked in proud and confident with what she had prepared. She handed him a copy of the document and began to talk.

She was abruptly stopped by the individual who said “At the moment you are nothing more than a decimal place on my spreadsheet, you can talk when you are a comma”.

For the next few minutes nothing was said. The owner browsed the financials, then finally looked up at her and said “That will be all”. She was ushered out by the PA and went back to her office feeling……. Well you can imagine!

I can tell you that the company is rotten, the culture, the people and the values. It’s profit first, with employees and customers a distant second.

I can also tell you that their attitude costs the business hundreds of millions each year.

Why does something hit the ground when you drop it? It’s called gravity and it doesn’t only relate to tangible goods.

Your attitude toward staff and members directly reflects the sentiment of employees.

Everything travels downhill.

Now ask yourself, what does your business say about you?